What is tinnitus and what can we do about it?

Noises in the ear, also known as tinnitus, is a mysterious phenomenon that can be caused by a number of things, including hearing loss, noise exposure, effects of medicine, etc. There are also some very serious causes of tinnitus, which include tumors, as well as some other rare diseases.

Tinnitus is a very mysterious, yet very common condition. 50 million people in the US alone have some sort of tinnitus, some stronger than others. Of that 50 million, most have ringing in their ears that isn’t too loud and not disturbing their everyday life. 3 million of them, on the other hand, have ringing in their ears so bad that therapy and other intervention must be considered before relief can come.

Even though a lot of things can cause tinnitus, but ‘why is starts’ and ‘how it starts’ is still a mystery. Recent studies have shown that the brain creates it’s own type of sound in order to replace the sound that it may have not heard for a long period of time or lost along the way. This theory is supported due to the fact that 70% of people with permanent hearing loss have tinnitus.

Assessment of your tinnitus
If you are concerned with your tinnitus, you can make an appointment at this clinic in order for us to assess your tinnitus. At this appointment, you will be asked to complete a short survey as to how tinnitus impacts your life, including others around you. Your tinnitus will then be measured based on it’s pitch and how loud it is perceived by you. After the assessment, the type and degree of intervention will be selected based on how impactful your tinnitus is on your life.

Helpful intervention
A lot of tinnitus sufferers can ‘get-by’ by completely or partially ignoring their tinnitus. Some other people need some intervention in order to assist them to not hearing their ringing.

Bed-side or ear level maskers come in a variety of style, shapes and usability. Bed-side maskers are used in order for the sufferer to fall asleep without hearing the constant ring in their head. An ear-level masker producing relaxing tones to one or both ears in order for you not to pay attention to the tinnitus throughout your day.

Hearing Aids with tinnitus technology:
Modern hearing aids have pre-installed tinnitus technology that can be personalized to your tinnitus, and help you not only hear better but keep the ringing at bay,

If you or anyone you know has an issue with tinnitus or any other noise in the ear or head, please contact our office today.