What is TMJ and how do we help
The temporomandibular joint, (also known as TMJ), is a group of medical conditions that spcifically effect that joint and muscle. Your TMJ muscle itself connects the upper portion of your jaw (mandible) with the temporal portion of your skull. The condition know as TMJ comes with a variety of complaints, ranging from pain and pressure in that area, to tooth aches, to headaches and problems chewing. Among the causes are arthiritis, stress, injury, and improper jaw/teeth alignment.

Treatments for TMJ
Custom made Ear-Inserts: Proven to reduce significant pain and pressure in your TMJ, custom made inserted ear pieces reduce jaw stiffness, jaw pain, ear pain, decrease locking jaw, clicking, popping, and teeth/jaw alignment. These inserts are custom made to fit your ear, in order to increase comfort, have no adverse effects on chewing or your bite, and can be worn 24 hours a day for maximum relief. Please call our office for a free in office demo on this amazing treatment for TMJ.

Night Guard: One of the many causes of TMJ is misalignment of your teeth or jaw, so a nightguard may be the first line of defense. Typically fit by dentists, these plastic retainer like mouthguards help keep your jaw and teeth straight during sleeping and resting. For sufferers of grinding teeth or clenching jaw at night, this is a very standard recommendation. If you are interested in this treatment, please contact our office for information and an in-building referral to a well established dental practioner.

Botox: Even though Botox was designed as an injectible cosmetic product, recent studies have shown its benefits with TMJ. Injected directly into the TMJ muscle, Botox is used in order to decrease tension in the muscle, allowing it to rest and not put pressure in the surrounding area. If you are interested in this treatment, please contact our office for information and we will refer you to our in-office cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience..

Ear Inserts for TMJ relief: Facts and Figures
TMJ in-ear inserts are proven to reduce pain in the jaw, muscle stiffness, aching around the ears, as well as limiting locking of the jaw and clicking/popping of the jaw. Users of the in-ear inserts have reported a reduction of pain and pressure in their TMJ by more than half in as little as one month!

Bite splints and night guards are a very common solution to TMJ even though they can only be worn at night.

TMJ in-ear inserts can be worn 24/7, without interferring with eating or talking, are barely visible, and still protect you during the night, even if you clench or grind your teeth when you sleep.

Getting your custom made TMJ in-ear inserts are very easy.

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